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I am a thirty-something working woman, mother of two boys, and wife to a technological genius (he would disagree, but it’s true). “Three Men & A Crazy Lady.” That’s us. Jeff and John are 16 mo apart. Ben, my husband, and I have been married since 2009. In our life together so far, we’ve moved 5 times, had 3 major job changes, bought two houses, and had two babies. We also began fostering in 2015. Frantic mode is my norm.

I grew up within a very loving, very creative, very messy (love you, mom!) family. I was the odd one out, the Type A personality among the easy-goers. Even as a middle schooler I was the nuisance who put away glasses in the dishwasher while they were still being used (sorry, guys!). I specifically remember getting checked out of school early on several occasions, so that I could clean the house on Friday before the semi-formal cotillion dances, because really . . . who doesn’t want a clean house to come home to on a Friday?! It must now be said: I love cleaning. I love doing it, and I love it being done.

In college, I practically begged for a cleaning job with a local private company owned by an inspiring young couple. Soon after graduating from UGA, I began my own residential cleaning business. I’ve loved every moment of it – even the ridiculous hurdles of small business. Clean+Chaos has grown into a company that trains and sends out other amazing cleaners into homes. My two main goals in this business are: offering detailed and reliable cleaning services to clients we love, and valuing my employees really well. I love being a part of their lives.

There are a few deep loves that I’ve had my entire life: Murder mystery novels, cleaning, and creating a home. Juggling work, children, marriage, and non-stop demands of life have led me to my newest love: Cleaning fast and cleaning easy! I want this blog to be about helping others in frantic mode get their cleaning done fast and easy, so that there’s time for the life. Enjoy!


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