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Our laundry room has been on my to-do list for 19 months. It was a horrible golden color and was our catch-all for dirty clothes (of course), unsorted mail, shoes, puzzles, batteries, tools, cleaners, and dust. I finally went to Lowes and bought a gallon of Olympic “Zen” paint and got to work. Before work I cleared the room of everything, and as soon as I got back home I spent two hours painting. That’s all it took – two hours! 19 months…. I have always wanted a utility sink in a laundry room, and thankfully this house had the hookups already. It was a week long project because what simple plumbing project is actually simple and quick? But we did it!

laundry room

My least favorite house-hold task is laundry. I don’t mind the washing, because I detest piles of dirty clothes. Folding, however, is a beast. So my tendency was to let the clean clothes sit in the dryer as long as possible and close the door on baskets of clean laundry. Having a room that is an eye sore and full of clutter, is an invitation for procrastination and denial. Yesterday, I went back to Lowes and got this planter for $3.88 and planted a few Golden Pothos to make the room more inviting and zen-like (see a past article on house hold plants here: I’ve transformed the laundry room into a place that invites me in, rather than invites the chaos in. Redecorating and reinventing a space in your home doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking, and it doesn’t have to wait 19 months. It can cost as much as a gallon of paint, a few hours of your time organizing and painting, and a new plant.

Happy cleaning (and laundering)!


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On Fridays my attitude towards chores and the house is something like: Leave the dishes, let the wet laundry sit until tomorrow, let’s get pizza, and give the boys extra bubbles in their bath, and we should have a Harry Potter marathon (again), and can you bring me a beer and let’s imagine what it would be like to sleep in on a Sat, and and and happy-pleasure-sigh.

On Saturdays my attitude towards chores and the house is something like: Let’s tackle this mildew, and I’ll get the coffee going (6am), I would really like to vacuum these soggy cheerios up off the floor and change the boys’ sheets, and should you or I mow the lawn while the boys nap, and THEN let’s go out and have a family outing, because . . . it is Saturday.

Tonight I was inspired to make a blogging nook in our bedroom, away from legos and toy cars, away from the sounds of the dishwasher and washing machine, away from tempting tasks and distraction. So I rearranged for the 487th time since we moved into this house (Side note: rearranging is my FAVORITE past time, and I am sadly aware that my sons will one day marry their wives with the stipulation that they must NEVER move a single piece of furniture). Sitting down to work on the new cleaning profile schedule, I thought it would be better to let readers know this blog is not intended to say you should be getting more done in your house than you are. It was not made to say: if you have spare time in your day, you need to be cleaning. I simply wanted a project of my own where I could write about what I love and do professionally, so that when readers are ready to have a Saturday mindset, they could be better equipped. There are many times that Friday perspectives should win out. Life  is brief. Life with our babies is even briefer. Balance is the goal. Good stewardship AND good relationships. Efficiency and effectiveness (in anything). Pleasure and productivity. And of course, Harry Potter marathons and bubble baths . . .

Happy Saturday Cleaning 😉

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Tips From Your Realtor

When you decide to put your house on the market, most realtors will give you a list of goals for your house, which probably consist of:

  • Walls painted a neutral color
  • Reduce family photos to create more neutrality
  • Reduce clutter and move it into storage
  • Create a welcoming front doorway/walkway and make any necessary repairs
  • Reduce closet clutter and organize
  • Use this in-depth checklist for more tips

Tips From A House Cleaner

Speaking from a house cleaner’s point of view, I would add these suggestions:

  • Beds made (always)
  • Floors picked up and vacuumed (keep bins around for easy toss and store – you can find really neat wire and metal bins for under $15 at places like Marshall’s and Lowes).
  • Kitchen counters and appliances cleaned and wiped down (SINK EMPTY and wiped down)
  • Bathroom mirrors cleaned, counters cleaned, and showers free of mildew
  • Scent. Okay, many realtors will tell you to bake cookies or light candles. I say throw this in with “don’t spray fragrances.” This may be just a personal thing, but I would shoot for NO scent. So, empty ALL trash cans before viewers come, make sure the disposal is cleared out (pour vinegar down to help), and all toilets flushed. Also, if you have pets, make sure your vacuum bag is or filter is clean, otherwise it can smell like you just vacuumed and pet hair is burning.
  • Keep blinds and curtains open to allow light. I am a HUGE fan of natural light and you want your house to appear bright. Also, it will allow you to see areas that need a quick dusting/wipe down (Swiffer, baby).
  • If you don’t have time to mop, just look around for any stuck-on food, trash, etc, and use a wet wipe to clean.
  • If you have time, clean any entry-way windows with a glass cleaner and squeegee.

Tips From A Home Maker

Speaking as a home maker and as someone who spends way too much time thinking about houses, I would say make your house feel like the viewer’s potential home. This may mean rearranging rooms. Try to think in terms of spaces. People are looking for the places they are going to spend their lives, so create rooms that allow for the maximum use. Brainstorm what it is you love when you visit B&B’s or friends’ houses. You may not think you have a special laundry room or space for an office, but I guarantee you there is potential for more in every home.

Spaces for:

  • Cooking
  • Creating/Crafting
  • Business
  • Reading
  • Relaxing
  • Visiting
  • Laundry
  • Cuddling babies
  • House guests (guest room/bath)

Another tip specifically for small spaces is mirrors. Mirrors are great for making a small room seem bigger. And try to arrange furniture in a way that flows with the room. As you walk through a room, try to keep it balanced and allow for easy access. And of course, if you would like help maximizing and staging YOUR space, then call me! I would love to help.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetBest of luck in selling your home!

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe boys and I went with our friends to the botanical gardens today. I love it there. I noted to Casey how much I loved the smell of all the plants in the atrium. So clean. So pure. So moist. It reminded me of one of my favorite decorating tips: house plants. I have a house plant in every room in our house. I have had a house plant ever since my first day as a freshman at UGA in Russell Hall.

Green Decorating

House plants are a must for several reasons:

  • They are easy to care for, hard to kill. Most house plants take in little water, like succulents and philodendrons
  • They add life and color to rooms at a low cost
  • They remove pollutants from the air, even harmful chemicals and VOCs
  • They can multitask, i.e. aloe for burns
  • They are GREAT for those of us who are not outside plant people. (I envy those with beautiful yards. It’s one of my long-term goals, but sadly, we are poor yard folks. House cleaning barter anyone??)

Check out this article on house plants!

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