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When I first started writing this blog I was asking friends about areas that were most frustrating to them to clean. One mama wanted to know what I recommended on wood floors for kids who throw food. At the time, my youngest wasn’t a thrower, but I have since been initiated into the club. We eat rice a lot in our family. My husband and my youngest LOVE jasmine rice. Sticky rice, spit out gold fish, dirt, playdough, etc are daily added to our floors.

IMG_5749I found my new favorite mop for less than $24 at Walmart – it’s the Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop, and it’s great. You can fill the bottle with your favorite cleaner, and that’s the reason I chose it. I am always changing cleaners that I use and didn’t want to get something that would force me to commit to its refill. The cloth is attachable and washable, and it’s so easy and perfect for all floor types – laminate, wood, tile.  It’s ergonomic, affordable, effective, and you can use it for spot cleaning or whole area cleaning. You can find it here.

IMG_5743I chose Mrs. Meyers Clean Day for the cleaner. I like to get the concentrate all purpose cleaner and it only takes a *tiny* amount diluted with plenty of water. It’s on Amazon here, although I found it at Target for less than $8.

IMG_5744Go ahead, son, throw that rice. I wanted to use my new Reveal anyway.

Happy Cleaning!

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