Growing Pains


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Our ever-changing living room

The past few months have been a season of preparation for the past few weeks. Twelve weeks ago my business started growing unlike it has in the past five years. Three weeks ago we welcomed our first foster placement into our home. Today my two sons started preschool and full time daycare. My heart is about as raw as it can be. So many exciting changes and transitions in every area.


Expanding as a small business is exciting and at times all-consuming. It’s very difficult to say “no” while in a boom, so I have frequently felt like I was drowning in both gratitude and work. I now have someone helping bear the load which has been amazing. That has been a lesson in planning, letting go of control and trusting someone else. Hopefully in the coming months I will  have another person trained and cleaning on her or his own!

Because of the increase in business, my children have started full time daycare. I have a very emotional dialogue with myself about it several times a day. I love the flexibility to work as much as I need, but I miss their presence when I come home at lunch. I love being able to accomplish a task uninterrupted (this post!), but I miss their faces and water color messes SO MUCH. I think they are going to love it – the friends, the teachers, the activities. Still, it’s been a time of stretching for me to decide what my goals are, what is good for my children, what is good for my mental state, and what is good for my clients.


I picked up our foster son three weeks ago today. It has been an amazing journey so far. At times it is stressful, and other times are unbelievably fun. Overall it’s been a lesson in loving someone who cannot (yet) love back, learning to be flexible in our schedules and expectations, and being patient with our sons as they process the transition in their own way. There are moments when I am overwhelmed with emotion and other times when I feel like I lack the ability to connect to anyone. We have no idea how long he will be with us. But we do not think past today as a foster family. We ride the waves and pray we stay afloat in changing tides.


My husband in the process of building me a new customized computer simply because he is awesome . . . and because he’s an engineer and loves computers. But I am excited not only about my cleaning business expanding, but about my blogging increasing. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and until now has been greatly restricted by time. So here’s to happy cleaning and a lot more blogging!




  1. Rebecca said:

    Hallie–you are a phenomenal woman! Wife, mother, friend! You were with your boys as babies and toddlers when they needed you most! Now they, too, can spread their wings with new friends and adventures! You continue to give them “roots and wings”!

    August 3, 2015
  2. i love the part where you share about the eternal dialogue you have with yourself. Having been raised by a stay at home mom, I do this all the time. The guilt vs. tug at your heart to succeed is always hard. But, I think you do eventually learn your boundaries and find peace. Praying for you friend!

    August 3, 2015

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